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OnThyme Foods


ROLE: Co-Designer

TOOLS: Figma, Miro,  Wix

TIMELINE: 4 weeks

OnThyme Foods is a produce delivery business based in Toronto. Unable to pinpoint where and why the drop-off rate of users occur, the company recruited me and another designer to test their website and improve the overall customer experience.

My role was to perform user interviews, usability tests, collaborate on an updated style guide, and then apply our recommended upgrades to the site.


We began the process with a heuristic evaluation of both the existing OnThyme Foods site as well as those of several competitors. Presenting our research in this way helped to provide context for the client and identify usability issues. 

Group 35.jpg
Group 36.jpg


In order to learn more about our user’s values, perceptions, and experiences, we performed a series of user interviews. We sought out participants living in the Toronto area who had experience with ordering grocery or produce delivery. We asked these participants to answer a variety of questions about their past experiences and purchasing habits over the course of a 30-minute interview


  • All users wanted the ability to make edits to their orders.

  • Users also thought there was gap when it came to preferences such a firm tomato vs a mushy one. They wished there was a way to actually be able to order what they desired.

  • User thought a detailed description was important to them even though they know how the product looks and tastes.

  • Users valued sourcing and were willing to pay more for more ethical produce

  • Some groups were interested in specialty produce items


To get into the shoes of our user, my team created a set of personas. This allowed us to define our user type in a more concrete way making it easier to create a design solution surrounding her pain points and motivations. Woke Vicky represents large customer group that highly values food science and sustainable sourcing.


Our second user persona represents a large portion of the businesses’ target demographics. As the business expands to suburban Toronto, they are looking to provide specialty produce to the large working-class immigrant population in the Peel Region. This persona enables us to recognize this user’s frustrations and goals in order to better serve them.

Persona 2.png


OnThyme Foods’ website featured a very muted green and orange color palette. Rather than abandoning the brand colors entirely we’ve retained the sage green color of the logo and added some contrasting tones to emphasize actionable elements while keeping the integrity of the brand.

The existing website featured a confusing mix of 4 different typefaces. To maintain the brand’s approachable character while improving readability, we selected a bold, all-caps headline typeface, Lulo Clean, and a clear, modern typeface for body copy, Proxima Nova.

style guide.png


After presenting our user research findings, we offered a series of UX solutions, in the format of Good/Better/Best. The client selected some of these improvements, and we got to work on the site overhaul.

Group 34.jpg



The most obvious changes came from implementing the new and improved style guide. Readability issues were resolved,  and the information displayed is now clearer and easier to find. 

Additionally, the homepage now features delivery and service information that was previously buried deep in the site, and the header includes a search bar for quick access on every page. 

We removed intrusive elements like recurring popups and irrelevant CTAs that we had identified during our user research. 

style guide – 2@2x.png
style guide – 1@2x.png


In follow-up usability tests, respondents enjoyed the fresh look and feel and remarked that they found it faster to complete tasks and find the information that they were looking for. The clients were pleased with the updated site, and we look forward to hearing from them about the results they see in their business.

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